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Celebrate Passover with Chabad of Putnam



Open to the public, reservations required. Join Chabad for the Seder of a lifetime. Inspirational, fun, mystical. Matzah, wine, questions, answers...
March 26th 11:00am
Passover Ceramics
Sculpt your own dish for the Seder with professional ceramics instructor Brett Slavin.
The history, study, stories, recipes, how-to's, multimedia - visit our interactive user-friendly Passover megasite.
Haggada's, Seder plates, kiddush cups, Matzah covers, books and guides, music & dvd's, gifts, Afikomen presents... you name it and our online store has it.
Our Passover children's site features interactive games, video, audio and much more on the festival of Passover
Looking to make your Passover Seder more meaningful?
Want to give a different twist?
Trying to draw in the kids and the guests a little more?

Then this class is for you!

Shmurah matzot are round, kneaded and shaped by hand, and are similar to the matzot that were baked by the Children of Israel as they left Egypt.
Order yours here.
You do not need to clean your entire house. You can designate an area which will be closed off and "sold" to a non-Jew for the duration of the Holiday. Use the attached document.
Help Chabad of Putnam this Passover make a difference to Jewish Life in the Putnam area and partner with us in our vital programs. You may also donate to enable us to help some less fortunate families in the area in honor of Passover. Specify the purpose of the donation in the notes.