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CTeen Pre Purim Event | February 14

Cteen's mission is to provide a nurturing environment where teens can learn about themselves through giving to others, identify with individuals who share the same faith, and be part of a group that focuses on building core values and stresses positive character development.  CTeen harnesses the incredible potential of teenagers with awesome programs that bring teens together to give back to their communities and the environment.

Jewish Women's Circle |  Virtual Hamantashen Bake | Feb 20 - on Zoom


Virtual Hamantashen Bake

Mix, roll and fill your own hamatashen dough

Pick up a bag with a variety of toppings and fillings

Saturday Night, February 20, 7:30 pm on zoom to reserve

Cost $15 - No charge for JWC members but RSVP still required


We Dare You NOT to Laugh!


LOL! At Chabad of Putnam, Purim is going to be celebrated with a whole lot of laughter. The captivating tale of Shushan long ago meets the wacky science of 2021—and we promise your child won’t be able to keep in their giggles.

Visiting mad scientist Dr. Schnitzel will capture the crowd with three mind-blowing contraptions that mix the wonders of science with the ancient history of Purim.

Kids will create a whizzing gragger, Tzedakah Catapult, and fizzy festive lemonade to bring the holiday to life. They’ll learn all about the extraordinary miracles, from Esther to Mordechai, and Haman to Acheshverosh. And along the way you can bet there will be plenty of chuckling, chortling, and tittering to go around. ROTFL!

No fun will be left behind! Each child will leave the club with a customizable “science themed” Mishloach Manot to gift to a friend! Children will package and label the yummy food items plus add an original Purim joke to pass on the laughter and joy of Purim.

This is the wackiest Purim club yet. Make sure your kids come prepared with their loudest belly laughs!

The Purim Laughing Lab:
Date: Tuesday February 23
Time: 6:00pm on Zoom
Free for Hebrew School students
$10 non - Hebrew School students

This virtual club is complete with personal packages and mini guidebooks so you can participate right from your home.

Link to register here – Zoom info will be sent upon registration

Outdoor Purim Celebration and Megillah Reading

Listen to Megillah reading from your car. (Honk your horn for Haman)
Masquerade! Participants will present their costumes and receive a prize.
Decorate your car contest!
Boxed Purim food.
Stay in your car and enjoy the Purim festivities!

Payment by donation. No official charge.

Purim: Friday February 26, 4:00pm
Location: Chabad parking lot

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