While we all remain physically isolated, we need not feel all alone. Chabad is committed to building community and connecting you to your Jewish Heritage. We strive to provide a measure of comfort and strength, especially in difficult times. So gather with us virtually in order to pray, learn and connect. Stay tuned as many more feature programs are in the works.  

This page will be updated weekly 

Torah Class Tuesday, April 28  8:00 pm on Zoom

Ethics of our fathers - Pirkei Avot

Exploring the weekly chapter of Pirkei Avot- Ethics of Our Fathers

These unprecedented times are the perfect opportunity to tap into the teachings of Pirkei Avot as we strive to go the extra mile in nourishing our relationship with G‑d, those around us and ourselves!

Torah Studies Class 

“Be true to yourself!” is a refrain often heard. Hey, if you’re not feeling it, then why bother faking it and putting on a smile just for others? While popular wisdom may suggest so, the behavior of a tormented slave named Joseph in the dungeons of Egypt speaks volumes of how we ought to think about others around us and the demeanor we should maintain to brighten others.

Tuesday May 5, 7:30pm-8:30pm
on Zoom, In the comfort of your home      Meeting ID: 984 338 473     Or you can call:   646 558 8656, Meeting ID: 984 338 473 #