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Kosher Kitchen: Would you like to know how to make your kitchen into a kosher kitchen? or what Kosher products are available in the local stores? We would be happy to help you. ..more
Mezuzah: Do you have a Mezuzah on your door? Would you like one? Does it need to be checked? Come knock on our door! ..more
Hospital Visitation: Do you know of someone in hospital or who is sick who may need help? Please let us know how we can help. ..more
Teffilin: Are you having a Bar Mitzvah? Would you like to put on Teffilin? Let us give you a free wrap! ..more
Shabbat: Let us help you transform your friday night into Shabbat. Where is the best challah available? What is the most delicious recipe for gefilte fish? and what time do we light Shabbat candles? ..more



Lifecycle Guidance: Chabad of Putnam offers support and religious guidance for the entire range of lifecycle events: ..more

-Pregnancy & Birth
-Brit Milah - Circumcision
-Upsherin - a Jewish boy's first haircut
-Jewish Birthday
-Bar and Bat Mitzvah
-The Jewish Wedding
-Growing Old
-Death & Mourning 

candle1.gif Kaddish Recitation: Throughout the millenium, Jews have remembered their loved ones with the recitation of the Kaddish. Kaddish is the most caring and respectful way we can manifest our undying love. Kaddish is the way we actively demonstrate that a Jewish soul is never forgotten. Click here for a Kaddish Guide and Trainer. Please call us for kaddish arrangements.

If you would like any help with the above or anything else please call us at 845-225-4770 or email us at [email protected]